Dennis VoelkelMy name is Dennis Voelkeland i would like to support you with your IEC6180 Projects.
I am an edjucated electrical engineer with more than four years experiance in IEC61850. In the past I perform electrical engineering and field commissioning for different powerplants in germany. I have also experiance in programming and comission of Woodward / SEG protection relays.


This topics I would offer to you:

  • Basics – IEC 61850 and how it works

What is the histroy and why IEC 61850 was developed.

  • Communication – IEC 61850 Network and his needs.

How to cerate a IEC 61850 network and structure it.

  • configureation – Examples about possibleconfiguration

How does a substation will be configured.

  • Editors and scada systems – Information about Editors and scada system

You have the choice, which editor is the best and which scada i can use

  • Knowledge transfer – Let’s do it together.

let us together step into this interessting field of Substation configuration.